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Food Hoarding Investigation
Date 28-30 Sept 2016
Casus belli Food Hoarding during Global Food Shortage
Result White Peace; GPA reforms into the Commonwealth.
Preceded by
Mosquito War
Succeeded by
War of Recognitions
Arrgh Flag.png

Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
Roz Wei Flag.png
Roz Wei

Green Protection Agency Flag.png
Green Protection Agency

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
Terminus Est Flag.png Prefontaine
Roz Wei Flag.png Rozalia

Green Protection Agency Flag.png Justin076
Green Protection Agency Flag.png Kalev60
Green Protection Agency Flag.png Tristar Majestica

Arrgh: 51 nations
62,335.63 score
TEst: 46 nations
168,614.24 score
Roz Wei: 40 nations
71 nations
71,608.45 score

The Food Hoarding Investigation was an investigation launched by the Arrgh! Investigations department on 28 September 2016 against the Green Protection Agency. The investigation began with Arrgh! nations launching mass raids on the Green Protection Agency in an attempt to uncover evidence of a vast food hoarding outfit that Arrgh had received a tip-off about. On 29 September, Terminus Est joined in the investigation. Several Roz Wei nations also joined in though not in a large scale fashion. Arrgh concluded the investigation on 30 September 2016. A little over a week after the formal conclusion of the investigation, the GPA disbanded and most of its members reformed into the Commonwealth.


Due to the previous success of the Counterfeit Dosh Investigation launched in July 2015, the Arrgh investigations department decided to launch another investigation after a year long break.

Due to the Silent War, global radiation level caused an almost total halt of worldwide food production. Despite this Arrgh heard rumors that the self-proclaimed neutral Green Protection Agency had been hoarding food within its halls while many in Orbis starved due to the ongoing nuclear winter. Due to these rumors the Arrgh investigation team decided to attempt to uncover the truth and began the investigations.

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