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Flight of the Testers
JH-7A Fighter Bomber.jpg
Baatopian planes flying over the skies of Meta Board
Date 21 Jan 2014 AD
(The year was 2 MR according to the Meta Reckoning calendar)
Casus belli Combat-ready aircraft acquired by both sides
Result Indecisive
White peace reached
Sheepy.png Baatopia Meta Board Flag.png Meta Board



5,990 soldiers
19 tanks
481 aircraft
24,000 soldiers
130 tanks
626 aircraft
Casualties and losses
148 soldiers
19 tanks
479 aircraft
1,406 soldiers
46 tanks
576 aircraft

The Flight of the Testers was a small war fought between the nations of Baatopia and Meta Board during the testing of the first combat-ready aircraft in use on Orbis.

Despite the large amount of military hardware fielded by both sides and the enormous amount of aircraft lost in action, the conflict was indecisive and both sides agreed to white peace at its conclusion.