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First North American Raid War
Date 12-16 February 2016
Casus belli Arrgh raids on NAC
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Rum War
War of Cobalt Escalation
Succeeded by
Sid Meier's Pirate War 2
North American Confederacy Flag.png
North American Confederacy
Arrgh Flag.png

North American Confederacy Flag.png George Clooney

Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson

27 nations
21,793.32 score
75 nations
41,575.92 score

The First North American Raid War began on Februrary 12, 2016 when the North American Confederacy recognized war with Arrgh due to raids on their members. This occurred concurrently to the War of Cobalt Escalation whereas Arrgh was already warring Cobalt and the 168 Day War a global war which involved most other alliances.


During Oktoberfest some NAC nations raided Arrgh nations leading to hostility towards the NAC. With the 168 Day War still ongoing and peace being reached in the Rum War, some members of Arrgh began raiding the NAC.


Peace talks began shortly after the war began and peace was eventually agreed to the night the war was declared. After the agreement was reached, however, some NAC nations accepted peace while others launched further wars on Arrgh. This caused the conflict to escalate further with Arrgh being angry at NAC for going back on peace. The conflict ended several days after the initial peace attempt and the conclusion of the 168 Day War when NAC received pressure from their allies in the Viridian Entente and United Purple Nations to end it. Arrgh agreed to white peace with the NAC.

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