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First Copium War
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date Jan 2, 2022 - Feb 13, 2022

(Duration: 42 days)

Casus belli

Space Invaders:

  • Disapproval towards Divine Phoenix and it's leader, JadenStar

Divine Phoenix:

  • SI sending spies into DP
  • SI attempted extortion of $100m
  • SI attempted poaching of DP members
Result White Peace
  • 30 day NAP
Preceded by
Weeb Civil War
The Big $hort

Space Invaders flag.gif
Space Invaders


The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg
The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura
The Imperial Army & Aerospace Forces.png
The Imperial Army & Aerospace Forces
The Libertalia Minutemen.png
The Libertalia Minutemen

DPE Flag.png
Divine Phoenix


Space Invaders flag.gif Ahkmed Bin Salaladin
Space Invaders flag.gif Bongtoicious (SpAnKy)

DPE Flag.png JadenStar10
DPE Flag.png EiznekcamKcaj
DPE Flag.png Flamescove
DPE Flag.png Xaz

Casualties and losses

As of Feb 13, 2022 (According to CTOwned)


As of Feb 13, 2022 (According to CTOwned)

First Copium War is a war that started when Space Invaders blitzed Divine Phoenix. The war started due to Space Invaders negative view of Divine Phoenix and JadenStar, the leader. Spanky, second in command of Space Invaders, had also leaked a lot of DP's announcements over the past few months.


Space Invaders & Allies

1. Space Invaders (Canyon & Spanky)

(Non-Official Belligerents)
2. NukaWorld
3. The Imperial Army & Aerospace Forces
4. The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura
5. The Libertalia Minutemen

Divine Phoenix & Allies

1. Divine Phoenix Empire (JadenStar10 & EiznekcamKcaj)

War Events

War Period Events

Hollywood blitzed BlackWater, in which DP is a signatory, starting Global War 22. Global War and First Copium War will prolong side-by-side.

During early February 2022, Space Invaders would face an internal turmoil over a controversy regarding Borg and Locutus.

War Strategies

1. Space Invaders nations followed the nuclear turret & missile turret campaign against DPE.

Nation Events

1. Spanky, 2ic of the Space Invaders, went into VM over health issues during the course of the war. He would eventually return.

2. Jaden, former leader of DP, stepped down to be succeeded by EiznekcamKcaj (Jack) during the war.

3. Rexe will become 2ic of Space Invaders after Spanky becomes the leader during the war. He would later leave the alliance due to the controversy.


On February 13th Space Invaders and Divine Phoenix would declare a white peace with a 30 day NAP after 42 days of war.