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 Satoshi's forces remain a serious threat, and he's still out there. Let's find him, and end this. 
(Hiroshi to Zenya before the attack)
Fire & Fury
Part of the The Collective Conflict
Fire & Fury.png
Capian forces disembarking in the isle
Date July 5, 2029
Casus belli Retaliation for the Invasion of Dvinmiste Capia
Status Ended (Satoshi captured)
Preceded by
Personal War
Succeeded by
The Battle of Lambdagrad
Meta Board New Flag.png Meta Board

DC Flag.png Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia

The Collective.png The Collective

Russia Flag.png Russian Federation


Meta Board New Flag.png Featherine

Meta Board New Flag.png Hiroshi Rokkaku

DC Flag.png Zenya Kurtarov

DC Flag.png Natasha Zurkelov

DC Flag.png Anya Kovaleva

The Collective.png Satoshi Rokkaku

Meta Board New Flag.png The Meta Board
  • Meta Army
    • 1st Infantry Division
    • 3rd Infantry Division
    • 25th Armored Division
    • Punitive Expedition
    • 11th Air Assault Division
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • 100th Airborne Division
  • Meta Air Force
    • 806th Air Division
  • Meta Navy
    • Meta 1st Fleet
    • Meta 2nd Fleet
    • Meta 3rd Fleet

DC Flag.png Dvinmiste Capia Armed Forces

  • D.C. Army
    • 4th Infantry Division
    • 12th Airborne Division
    • 13th Airborne Division
    • 3rd Armored Division
  • D.C. Marine Corps
  • Blue Berets Division
  • Capian Air Force
    • 1st Strategic Aerospace Division
    • 31th Air Division
    • 38th Air Division
  • D.C. Navy
    • Naval Infantry
    • 1st Capian Fleet
The Collective.png The Collective
  • Collective Ground Forces
    • Special Forces
    • Collective Conscripts
    • Collective tanks
  • Collective Navy
    • Naval Infantry
  • Collective Air Force
  • Collective Airborne Troops
  • Collective terrorists

Russia Flag.png Russian Federation

  • Russian Army
    • 18th Infantry Division
    • 25th Infantry Division
    • 31th Infantry Division
Casualties and losses
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Tens of thousands of Capian soldiers
  • Tens of thousands of Meta soldiers
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Tens of thousands of Collective soldiers
  • All of Collective's Armored Divisions sunk or heavily damaged
  • All of Russian Infantry dead or heavily injured
  • Satoshi captured

The Fire & Fury was the code name for the battle in some Collective isle, that saw Zenya Kurtarov's army and Meta Board forces launch a joint assault on Satoshi's base, with the shared goal of capture him.

The Battle

As the capians and meta forces began deploying their forces into the isle and dug in their positions at the compound, Satoshi were completely surprised that their mortal enemies had entered undetected but they were by no means unaffected by it. Their response was to put the entire isle on maximum alert and eliminate all of them. 

Setting recon in the area, the Blue Berets found out about Satoshi location. It wouldn't be easy, Satoshi put deep inside a ring of heavily fortified base around his bunker, equipped al dente with Collective's latest trend to boot. While cut off from reinforcements, Satoshi didn't forget their manners by welcoming their guest with directly visiting (aka attacking) using the ZTS tanks and other arsenal at their disposal. The Meta and Capian forces succeed in penetrating the base defence and took care of Collective base around the bunker after a very hard job.

The capians struck back with increasing ferocity. As the Zorak-15K made airstrikes against Collective units, the Meta sent two armies to wipe out the remnants of the flanking Collective camps and slaughtered the defenders.

Unfortunately for Satoshi his defenses were unable to withstand the combined might of the Meta and Capian forces, and while his major commander took care the guests, Satoshi reluctantly (and secretly) must leave as planned, leaving a double.

The Meta and Capian forces soon converged on the bunker on two fronts and simultaneously attacked. Zenya Kurtarov and Hiroshis Rokkaku joins in an attack on what they believe to be Satoshi's position. Zernya provides firing support, while Hiroshi and his team relieve a squad, which is the advanced team, that is being attacked. A chopper came by after refueling and rearming. After clearing the area, the Hiroshi and Zenya start extracting from the the base, with Satoshi (the double) captured.