This nation has disbanded as of August, 2016. (Note: Armed Forces has merged with the Swedish Armed Forces)

Finnish Armed Forces
The Grand Duchy of Finland Flag
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Finland
Founded 2001 (Orbis Time)
Current form Merged into the Swedish Armed Forces
Disbanded August, 2016
Service branches Army, Air Force, Navy
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland (Formerly)
Commander-in-Chief Sintiya (Formerly)
General Eila Juutilainen
Commander Erika Hämäläinen

The Finnish Armed Forces was the military of the Grand Duchy of Finland. During times of peace, they were mostly tasked with patrolling the ground, sea and air of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Led by General Juutilainen as the main commander, the Finnish Armed Forces was divided into three entities - the Royal Finnish Army, the Royal Finnish Air Force, and the Royal Finnish Navy, which do not usually depend on each other during times of peace.

The Royal Finnish Army Edit


General Juutilainen

The Royal Finnish Army was the main ground component of the Finnish Armed Forces, led by General Eila Juutilainen. During times of peace, there were 45,000 active military personnel and 2,000 tanks which have been mostly trained in defensive operations, unless the Grand Duchy of Finland were to go on the offensive during times of war. Their main role was to provide land support and manpower during times of war and during peace. They were stationed in every city in the Duchy to ensure peace, security, and order in Finland.

The Royal Finnish Air Force Edit


Commander Hämäläinen

The Royal Finnish Air Force was the main air component of the Finnish Armed Forces. Led by Commander ‎Erika Hämäläinen, it consisted of 144 military aircraft of various types, such as fighter planes, bomber jets and scouting aircraft. With their main command center located in the city of Helsinki, the main objective of the Royal Finnish Air Force was to ensure effective air control in order to have an advantage over the enemy during times of war. During peace, their main role was mostly non-aggressive scouting activities and patrols to detect any enemy attack in advance.

The Royal Finnish Navy Edit

The Royal Finnish Navy was the main sea component of the Finnish Armed Forces. Led by Admiral Tino Väinämöinen, the Royal Swedish Navy consisted of 5 naval warships, including an aircraft carrier, 2 battleships and a few medical ships. The main role of the Royal Finnish Navy was to provide naval support and sea control in preparation of a sea invasion of the enemy during times of war. In times of peace, they were also mostly used for scouting activities to detect any enemies in advance before they were attacked first.

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