Fiction Friction
Part of the Aurora Trinity War

October 8, 2020 - October 16, 2020
Duration: 8 days

Casus belli

- The Coal Mines hitting Aurora during Aurora - Trinity War
- Military Training
- Boredom


- White Peace
- 2 Month NAP

Aurora Trinity War
Succeeded by
Global War 16

GlitchPC V.png
Golden Phoenix Coalition

Trinity v5.jpg
The Trinity

The Coal Mines
COTHB Flag II.jpg
Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo



GlitchPC V.png MinesomeMC
GlitchPC V.png Cazaron
GlitchPC V.png Ellington

Coal.gif Nokia Rokia
COTHB Flag II.jpg Jack Rackham
COTHB Flag II.jpg Kermit the Frog
Weebunism.png Empiur
Weebunism.png Baam
Weebunism.png Madokami

October 8, 2020

Nations: 12
Score: 34.7k
GPC: 34.7k (12)

October 8, 2020

Nations: 106
Score: 205.9k
Weebunism: 101.5k (43)
TCM: 45.08k (20)
CHB: 59.36k (43)

Casualties and losses
~$3.1B ~$1.5b

Fiction Friction was a micro sub-conflict that originates from the Aurora - Trinity War. It began on October 8th, 2020; when Golden Phoenix Coalition blitzed The Coal Mines (TCM) after TCM hit Aurora. Aurora and GPC held an ODoAP treaty and GPC chose to activate it. During the same time GPC also declared a war on Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo. On October 12th, 2020 Weebunism declared war on GPC in defense of it's protectorate TCM.



October 8, 2020

October 12, 2020

October 13, 2020

October 16, 2020

  • White Peace is agreed, ending the war

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