Fetils Svell

DrekiFlag Flag of Fetils Svell

Formaor Snjar Dreki
First Sun of Solar Knights
Basic Information
Founded February 23rd, 2018
Color Pink
National Statistics
Government Type The Dreki Council The Dreki Council
Social Policies Liberal Liberal
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Religion The Dreki Order
Pollution 0
Currency Blood
GDP $6,393,567,124.00
Civilians 4,987,357
Area 45,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 110.83 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 876
Score 3153.60
Infantry 54000
Tanks 4500
Aircraft 1620
Ships 90
Spies Unknown
National Capital Forask I Akana
Other Cities Hrotti, Hogva Strandhogg, Sundfoerr Of Sae, Setja Nokdan, Stjarna Hjaldr, Njósn, Fimbul-Vetr, Stórmerki, Iviðia, Nágrindr, Skapari, Banamoar, Undrask, Herlið, Fjölkyngi, Skipför, Álfr


The nation of Fetils Svell was a settlement founded by Formaor Snjar Dreki on February 23rd, 20148. Snjar Dreki begun his life in Orbis with a bunch of friends from Australia. Between them they decided to race to 300, the winner getting to create and lead their alliance. Many people criticized them when they saw this groups of 300's managing the alliance but here they are now. Snjar Dreki lost the race, however the winner of the race had no intent in leading and granted Snjar Dreki the title of Emperor

History Edit

The Nation Of Fetils Svell's General History

The Misfits Era Edit

Snjar Dreki begun his days leading The Misfits, For a brief period of time the alliance found success and members within the alliance were hoping of breaking the top 50, however it all began to spiral out of control. It begun with raids against Co-Tin and her allies, this was before the Clovis bloc and the members themselves felt confident in their raids. This was the downfall of the alliance as the Clovis bloc rebuilt and came after The Misfits hard, Snjar Dreki and his government officials decided to seek out help from the Nordic Sea Raiders and in doing so he managed to stop the war, however by then it was too late, the alliance was in pieces and there was nothing he could do. He stuck with the alliance right till the end and only disbanded the alliance once he had assisted with the creation of The Jedi Order

The Jedi Order Era Edit

Snjar Dreki while leading The Misfits began working with the leaders of Husaria to create something new, this all came together with the creation of The Jedi Order on the 1st of June. Snjar stepped into an Heir position and was responsible for the academy, as of the 12/06/2018 The Jedi Order broke into the top 50 a task that only took them 11 days. The new alliances is thriving and everyone holds high hopes for the future

The Covenant Era Edit

Eventually The High Council came together and decided that the Jedi way was no longer for them and as such they decided to re-brand as The Covenant, not much changed regarding the way things were run, the government all held their positions and most of the members followed along. The Covenant Era, like The Jedi Era was short for Snjar Dreki. It was really just a stepping stone to his next alliance. The Solar Knights

Misfits Flag

The Proposed Flag For The Misfits

Australia Flag

The Misfits Flag


The Jedi Order Flag

Jedi Flag RED

Alternate Jedi Order Flag

Solar Knights Flag

The Solar Knights Flag

The Solar Knights Edit

For Snjar Dreki The Solar Knights has become his new home and his favorite alliance since he ran The Misfits. When the Solar Knights formed Snjar Dreki took on the role of a low gov member, he had stepped back from heir and overall was happy to take up a smaller role within the alliance and for most of the first year that was where he stayed. Coming towards the end of the year some problems started to arise. First of all Sponge (one of the three kings) had begun to disappear for periods of time, this caused KiWilliam and William Wallace to pick up his slack and all of this did not help the second problem. The alliance was effectively couped, betrayed by one of their own and with leadership split it looked like it could have been the end. However Snjar Dreki stepped in and began to try and recover everyone when out of the blue Sponge returned and with his help they managed to restore the core of the alliance. This would be the last time he saw the great leader, saving the alliance from destruction before disappearing completely.

The Great War (NPO's Last Time) Edit

Sadly the alliance and Snjar Dreki didnt have much time to recover after the coup because shortly after the biggest war Orbis had ever seen was declared, NPO's Last Time had begun. Initially the war started off well for Dreki, he had the advantage of being a lower score and used this to up-declare on the enemy that were above him, they could fight back in a 1 on 1 sense but outside help was almost impossible for the enemy as Dreki's score was so low. Problems began to arise inside the alliance however. William Wallace effectively had had enough of the game and retired temporarily and Sponge's disappearance left a lot on KiWilliam's shoulders. As such Snjar stepped up into the heir position to help manage their members and organize them in their fights against the enemy. Kiwi eventually managed to negotiate peace even though it was much later than the Solar Knights had initially wanted however all of this was proven redundant when the scandal surrounding NPO was unveiled and the war came to a crashing halt. Snjar Dreki has kept his position as heir and together with Kiwi they have begun to rebuild the once great knights, their members nations are starting to rebuild and they are back on their journey to restore the alliances score prior to the Great War and the coup

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