The nation of Fereldan was ruled by Tarroc for over two and a half thousand years without any conflict, with Fereldan remaining entirely isolated, with closed borders, not allowing any trade, and not getting involved with any foreign wars. Fereldan eventually broke that trend of isolation, agreeing to join an alliance with a number of other nations, known as The Blackstone Legion.

Fereldan rapidly rose through the ranks of the alliance, soon becoming one of the three most powerful nations of the alliance, with Tarroc becoming one of the three leaders of the alliance. Fereldan eventually left the alliance, due to the fact that the other two leaders betrayed Fereldan and tried to strip the nation of its power and influence in the alliance, and leave it as a subservient nation of Radient and Nautica, the countries of the other two leaders of The Blackstone Legion.

Fereldan joined one of the most powerful and mighty alliances in all of Orbis, known as Pantheon, an alliance of fellow gods, and Tarroc soon proved himself once more there, rapidly rising into their leadership, but he lingered in the lower levels of said leadership, as he was cautious to grow to a high rank after his previous allies betrayed him. He eventually joined the higher levels of the leadership during the Great War Knightfall, where he proved himself as the leader of a nation of mighty warriors, with Tarroc and Fereldan defeating fifty enemies without being defeated even a single time.

Tarroc’s time in Pantheon was a glorious time for the nation of Fereldan, as the nation rose to a previously unthinkable level of power. Tarroc swore loyalty to the leader of Pantheon, the Emperor Of Mankind, Serephiel, and one of Serephiel’s most trusted subordinates, Rexus Batavus. Those times would change however, when Serephiel stepped down as the leader of Pantheon, establishing a newcomer to the alliance as the leader, and another newcomer to the alliance as the second in command of the alliance.

This would cause chaos and tension in Fereldan, as Batavus tried to draw power to him, so to be named the next leader instead of the newcomers, and Serephiel cast him out of Pantheon for treason. This would cause another of Pantheon’s leaders, a warrior named Nomi, to leave the alliance due to his friend being banished. Tarroc and Fereldan lingered, due to loyalties to Serephiel. Tarroc would eventually leave Pantheon behind though, joining The Black Knights, the most powerful alliance in all of Orbis, vowing that he was no longer fully a god, and instead deciding to try to live as a demi-god for a time, his power drastically reduced from his glory days in the Great War Knightfall.

The capital city of Fereldan is the golden city of Elysium, and at the heart of the city is the Palace Of The Sun, from which Tarroc rules over Fereldan.

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