The Felgrand Order is a white alliance founded on March 3, 2020, by the Lord Marquis Arthfael of Deheubarth.


The Government of Felgrand OrderEdit

Governmental StructureEdit

Felgrand Order is a Parliamentary monarchy without an elected parliament. The Parliament consists of the Lord Marquis's appointed Paladins that advise the Lord Marquis and vote on propositions made by the other Paladins.

Governmental RanksEdit

The Felgrand Order has 3 levels in its governmental hierarchy, Lord Marquis, Grand Marquis and Paladin. Paladins are assigned a department, led by a Grand Marquis.


Although the history and early days of the order are shrouded in mystery, there is a rumour about that a certain Super Cool Awesome Pink Ranger has been guarding and protected the people of the order since its inception.

Real history TBD

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