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This alliance has disbanded.

Federal Union

Flag of Federal Union

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Basic Details
Founded ~2015
Headquarters North America
Color Green
Status Defunct
President Anthony Lukas
Vice President Destiny Lukas
unknown unknown
As of Estimated 1-2 years ago
Total Nations 6 (highest)
Score n/a
Average Score n/a
Alliance Rank n/a
Active Blocs
None None
Active Treaties
Recreated into Golden Phoenix Coalition

The Federal Union was a small Green Alliance. The alliance was created by West Hawaii aka the Second Anthonian Republic. It was founded around 2014 to 2015 and had at highest 6 members. The alliance was disbanded due to members leaving because of no protection and the fact that it was too small. This would be the first alliance of the Golden Phoenix Coalitions.


The alliance has been regenerated as the Golden Phoenix Coalition.

The Anthonian Republics