This nation has disbanded.

Federal Republic of Covorus
Federal-Commander Max Ceret
Member of Acadia
Basic Information
Color White
National Statistics
Government Type Federal Republic Federal Republic
Social Policies Democracy Democracy
Economic Policies Right Right
Military Strength

Overview Edit

The Federal Republic of Covorus is a young nation that currently resides in Asia - Myanmar - and is a member of Acadia. It is lead by the democratically elected Federal-commander Max Ceret. Not much is known about the nation other than what the Covorrun Senate of Nationals has deemed declassified to the rest of the world. What is known, however, is that the republic has a strong 'anti-foreigner' stance and tends to keep to itself - unless provoked by acts of aggression.

Government style and policies Edit

The Federal Republic of Covorus is a federal republic - obviously - with conservative social polices and right-wing economic polices. It has a democratically-elected leader - Federal-commander Max Ceret - and senate.

Every single Covorrun at the age of 18 and above is a legal voter and has a say in their government's policies and actions. However, only veteran military leaders/statesmen are allowed into the Senate of Nationals.

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