Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating



Reign: 7 October 2016 - 22 March 2019
Predecessor: Position Created
Successor: Aisling Duval
current alliance:
Polaris Flag

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Full name: Featherine Augustus Aurora
Born: Date Unknown
Location Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Religion: Ionism
Featherine Augustus Aurora (フェザリーヌ アウグストゥス アウローラ), the Witch of Theatergoing, Drama, and Spectating, was the seventh leader of the Meta Board.

Featherine holds the rank of Creator, and is one of two creators present in the Meta Board. She is also a high-ranking member of the Witch Senate, and is one of nine Senate members present on Orbis. Since taking office, crime in the nation has declined and relations with foreign countries have improved. Featherine is the first Creator to officially rule a nation on Orbis.

She became the center of criticism after the 2018 Meta Board Senate Conspiracy after Aisling Duval declassified documents related to her involvement in the Lambdagrad Attacks that took place between 2017-2018. Knowing that her administration in result was falling apart and defecting to Aisling's side, she ultimately left Orbis leading Aisling Duval to take her place.


  • Featherine is the first ruler in the Meta Board since Lambdadelta to have the title "Lady" since the Premier title was abolished just prior to her entering office.
  • Featherine is currently the longest running leader in office as of May 2018.
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