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Treaty Type: Bloc
Treaty Signed: October 2, 2019
Treaty Status: Active

"Farksphere" is the unofficial name of an MDP Bloc led by the alliance Farkistan. It was initially formed when Horsemen and Pantheon signed MDPs with Farkistan shortly after the Community Outreach Program war against Soup Kitchen.

Bloc Members: Edit

Farksphere Friends (Includes Protectorate and ODP treaties):

Former Members:

Preamble and Articles of Organization Edit

No official announcement has been made of the sphere’s existence.

Signatures Edit

No official announcement has been made of the sphere’s existence. 

Reputation Edit

Farksphere has been called many names over time including a Paper Tiger. The term refers to something that makes itself large and powerful but indeed is weak. In any case, this Bloc hasn't been tested or proven that it is a capable and strong one.

 Current Strength Edit

Farkistan Edit

Members: 36

Alliance Rank: 6

Score: 174,110.54

Avg Score: 4,836.40

World Task Force Edit

Members: 31

Alliance Rank: 7

Score: 145,457.76

Avg Score: 4,692.19

Horsemen Edit

Members: 39

Alliance Rank: 9

Score: 127,762.80

Avg Score: 3,275.97

Pantheon Edit

Members: 70

Alliance Rank: 12

Score: 108,508.26

Avg Score: 1,550.12

The Immortals Edit

Members: 169

Alliance Rank: 5

Score: 184,864.12

Avg Score: 1,093.87

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