Farking About Viridia

Fark Flag
Viridian Entente
Viridian Entente Flag

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: February 3, 2016
Treaty Upgraded: April 5, 2016
Treaty Status: Upgraded

Farking About Viridia was an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact signed between Fark and the Viridian Entente on February 3, 2016. Two months later on April 5, 2016 it was upgraded to Let Me Upgrade Ya!.


The Viridian Entente and Farkistan enter this treaty in good faith to maybe defend each other and/or attack with each other, but not to attack each other. Sharing information is encouraged as well as economic advantages.

P.S. Optional options extend to either alliances' protectorates

P.P.S Farking is good for 60 days

Signed for Farkistan:Edit

  • The Heads:
  • IA- Phaik
  • FA- rollo
  • War- Birdeye
  • Limbs of Cerberus
    • Collar - IA - Slick Johnson
    • Tail - FA - Yukon Don
    • Paws - War - Masterbake

Signed for VE:Edit

  • Goldie, Lord
  • MoonPie, Duke
  • Sweeeeet Ronny D, Secretary of Defense
  • Presidential, Secretary of the Interior
  • Olorin, Secretary of Economics
  • ComradeMilton, Secretary of State
  • Samwise, Minister of Membership Compliance
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