Farkin’ in the Rose Garden

Fark Flag
Rose Flag

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: November 13, 2015
Treaty Cancelled: October 27, 2016
Treaty Status: Cancelled

Farkin’ in the Rose Garden was an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact signed between Fark and Rose on November 13, 2015. Due to it, Fark entered the 168 Day War alongside Rose. It was later cancelled by Fark on October 27, 2016.


Opening ShotsEdit

Fark likes bacon, bacon can be made into Roses…seems like we’re meant to be friends. Rose & Fark to confirm our friendship enter into this agreement.

Farkin’ in the Rose GardenEdit

1) No brawling among friends. Let’s drink our problems out instead.

2) Since we’re drinking, lets make sure to share any secrets that affect each other.

3) If one of us is in a bar brawl, then hell yeah the other guy has the option of cracking a pool cue and jumping in to help a friend.

4) If one of us is getting the itch to brawl, and starts said brawl, the same option applies.

5) If the beer gets stale, or the roses wilt and either party wants to move on…they’ll give 3 days notice.

Signed for Fark,Edit

  • Head of Foreign Affairs - rollo
  • Head of War - Bozzie
  • Head of Internal Affairs - Phaik

Signed for Rose,Edit

  • Emperor - Caillou
  • Lord of Internal Affairs - Moreau
  • Lord of Economics - Oblige
  • Lord of Public Affairs - Adama
  • Lord of War - Teredona and Krillian
  • Lord of Foreign Affairs - Redarmy
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