Falkland Republic

Falkland-Flag Flag of Falkland Republic

Leader control 0
President Joel Ryan
Low Gov of Empyrea
Basic Information
Founded April 26, 2016
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Federal Republic Federal Republic
Social Policies Conservative Conservative
Economic Policies Far Right Far Right
Economy Capitalist Capitalist
Religion Christianity
Pollution 539
Currency Falkland Pound
GDP $2,717,583,205.22
Civilians 2,030,298
Area 16,500 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 123.05 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Falkland Grand Military
Nation Rank #1,465 of 8,765 Nations (16.71%)
Score 1,687.50
Infantry Classified
Tanks Classified
Aircraft Classified
Ships Classified
Spies Classified
Missiles Classified
Nuclear Warheads Classified
Stadium: Stanley Corporation Field
Team: Falkland Republic Falcons
Win/Loss: N/A
Investment N/A
National Capital Stanley
Other Cities Port Howard

Roy Cove Port Stephens Hill Cove Rincon Grande North Arm Fox Bay West Green Patch Port San Carlos Johnsons Harbor


Pre-Requisite Events Edit

After the United Kingdom completed their secession named "Brexit", the country in monetary value sold the Falkland Islands to Argentina. Thus in January of 2016, war was declared between the United States of America and Russia, beginning a nuclear winter with the excess amount of fallout from the warheads. Namely the South American continent was not hit as badly as the others such as North America and Europe, but fallout would rain down. Months would pass upon the Falkland Islands with no communication from the outside world. Joel Ryan gained the trust of the people within the islands and created a republican system of government and using a capitalist economy to sustain the well-being of the island. Once radio coverage sought to break through the remaining fallout, word was heard of extensive destruction. Countries decimated by the nuclear weapons. Argentina had been hit with one on their capital thus bringing down the government and showing anarchy throughout the past country. The Falkland Islands were free and their own nation.

The Growth of the Falkland Republic Edit

Leader control 0
After obtaining the popularity of the people on the Falkland Islands, on April 26, 2016 Joel Ryan instituted the creation of the Falkland Republic.

The first order of the government was to send a force of 1,000 soldiers to the southern tip of previously known Argentina, either to gain more knowledge about what has happened in the past 4 months since the major war or to gain control of the region. The expedition force made landfall multiple days after their launch. The expeditionary force immediately gained the trust of the civilians in the area and they annexed the whole province in the area as a part of the Falkland Republic.

The second government order turned to the south. Bauxite and other resources were prominent on the Antarctic Shelf. The original expedition force was sent with scientists and workers alike to the Antarctic Shelf to set up a settlement on the continent. They were successful and marked out borders of the newly annexed area. The reason for no international talk was that the expedition force had learned that the entirety of the U.N had been eliminated or weakened to a point were they couldn't retaliate.

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