FSA-tS War
Part of the The Decline of the FSA
Date 25-29 Jan 2015
(Official declarations)
Casus belli FSA members raided tS
Result FSA disbands;
tS and allies Victory
Preceded by
The Marionette War
Succeeded by
Pirate Sort War
Frontier Sort Alliance Flag
Frontier Sort Alliance


Placeholder Flag
United Sort Alliance
The Syndicate Flag
The SyndicateViridian Entente Flag
Viridian Entente
Black Knights Flag
The Black Knights

Frontier Sort Alliance Flag Byron White (former)
Frontier Sort Alliance Flag Jefferson Davis

The Syndicate Flag Partisan
Viridian Entente Flag Impero
Black Knights Flag Yosodog

74 nations
6,145.39 score
132 nations
35,703.94 score

The FSA-tS War began on 25 January 2015 when FSA members declared war on tS members right after concluding a peace negotiation on raiding.

Casus BelliEdit

Baker Harrington, a member of Frontier Sort Alliance, raided a member of The Syndicate. tS reacted by contacting the FSA government and making a self-defensive counterattack on Baker Harrington. No reparations were solicited by tS noting that Baker Harrington was "remorseful" [1] and that the damages done were punishment enough. FSA government also expelled Baker Harrington from the alliance; consequently Harrington then joined tS.

Immediately after the Baker Harrington incident and tS-FSA negotiation however, Sean19, a government member of FSA attacked yet another tS member in a raid. tS contacted FSA again and demanded for reparations to be payed but more declarations of war came as if in response.

War progressionEdit

Following such bellicose activity, The Syndicate recognized a state of hostilities with the Frontier Sort Alliance on 25 January 2015. Immediately, posts on the Open World Forum were in support of tS and critical of FSA's actions and government behavior, or lack thereof.

VE, BK enters the warEdit

On 26 January 2015, the Viridian Entente activated their MDP with tS and declared war in defense of their ally. The Black Knights also declared war on FSA, stepping in for their protector. The DoW of VE is quoted in saying:

"This is not one of their raids where they can simply offer peace when they realize they are in over their heads. Excuses such as this will not alleviate them from their responsibility, nor will abandoning the alliance affiliation. All nations who flew the FSA banner at the time of the offense against The Syndicate will be held responsible until peace is given to FSA as a whole."
VE DoW, 26 January 2015 [2]

FSA disbandsEdit

Following the declarations of war from VE and BK, the FSA government have changed their alliance description to:

"Everyone surrender, we are going to lose the war and no point in keeping this up. As well, FSA is disbanding. It is clear that we cannot stand together anymore. We have been betrayed by our closest allies and we have fallen far. Offer peace and then leave the alliance, I am sorry, Perhaps we shall meet again on better terms."
FSA Alliance page, circa 26 January 2015 [3]

USA IssueEdit

As expounded upon in the articles on Nicholas II and FSA, United Sort Alliance - little known to all of Orbis - was founded by FSA members to bring FSA to the point of collapse. Baltimore, a long time FSA member, founded USA with the intention of growing it a large size then declaring on FSA with no warning and with the secret backing of The Elysian League (detailed both here and here). Baltimore planned for Nicholas' and his orchestrated FSA-USA war to go to the point where FSA collapsed upon itself. However, because of the outbreak of the FSA-tS War and its direction, the plan foiled. Several members of FSA fled to USA, and by extension, USA was now at war - caught it the middle, USA was at war with both factions (with FSA and with Syndicate, et al.). Given this, USA was brought to collapse along with FSA.


Formal hostilities ended on 29 January 2015 with tS announcing that it and its allies will now cease operations of war against FSA targets.

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Declarations of WarEdit

25 January 2015 - tS recognizes state of hostilities with FSA
26 January 2015 - VE declares war on FSA
26 January 2015 - BK declares war on FSA

Surrenders and WithdrawalsEdit

29 January 2015 - tS, VE, BK ceases hostilities with FSA


26 January 2015 - FSA disbanding

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