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Exploit War
Let's do some investigation, boys.
Date 19/7-20/7/2015
Casus belli Several members of TDX were caught cheating during the Terradoxia Crisis
Result Decisive Pirate-Chaos Coalition Victory
Preceded by
Great VE War
Succeeded by
The Proxy War
Arrgh Flag.png
Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
Terradoxia Flag.png

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
Terminus Est Flag.png El Pinchazo

Terradoxia Flag.png Morgan  Surrendered

59 nations
45,597.29 score
45 nations
26,665.89 score

The Exploit War, referred to by Arrgh as the Counterfeit Dosh Investigation, was a one day war which saw Arrgh! and Terminus Est attack Terradoxia. The war began after the Terradoxia Crisis occurred and it was revealed that some members of Terradoxia benefited from an in-game exploit. After only a day, Terradoxia voluntarily handed over their bank to the attackers and merged into the Brotherhood of the Clouds, their only defensive treaty partner.

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