Josh Ruminski

File:Bahamas Flag of Josh Ruminski

The Nation Of Exerin Josh Ruminski
Supreme Chancellor of The United Alliance Of Exerin
Basic Information
Founded North America
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Economy Socialist Socialist
Civilians 19,636
Area 551 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 35.64 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 788
Score 10.28
Tanks 0
Aircraft 0
Ships 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Wyed

Exerin was founded on April 24, 2014 by Josh Ruminski. He was appointed Dictator on April 24, 2014 till April 26, 2014. On April 24, 2014 the capital city of Exerin, Wyed was founded and is powered to present times. Josh Ruminski's position title was changed on April 27, 2014 from Dictator to Supreme Chancellor. On April 28,2014 Exerin produced 250 soldiers. Exerin is a Autocracy, this means that Exerin is ruled by one person: a government in which somebody holds unlimited power, ruler's absolute power: the unlimited political power of a single ruler, or either place ruled by one person: a country governed by a single ruler who has unlimited power. This is what Autocracy means. Exerin's Economy type is a Socialist Government and their Social Type is a Conservative Social Type. Exerin's Economic Type is a Right Economic Type. Exerin is the team color: Black.

Exerin is apart of The United Alliance Of Exerin and is controlled by Supreme Chancellor Josh Ruminski. Exerin is located in North America and as well as The United Alliance Of Exerin's headquarters is. Exerin is the 788th nation in the nation's ranking list and continuing to grow and flourish till they reach the top.

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