This alliance has disbanded.

Ex Machina

No game no life zero
Flag of Ex Machina

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Basic Details
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Supreme Pyrrha (Jinmi)
As of April 1, 2020
Total Nations 1
Score 891.39
Average Score 891.39
Alliance Rank #176
Active Blocs
Bloc(s) N/A
Active Treaties
Ex Machina was founded by Pyrrha (Jinmi) on April 1, 2020 following her departure from The Originals. The alliance is themed after the movie/series/game No Game No Life and whilst not a raiding alliance, has no rules nor taxes.

On April 1, 2020 Ex Machina declared war on The Knights Radiant following a dispute over the raiding of two TKR members by the Supreme of EM.

EM's official casus belli for the war is reportedly Total War. They will accept nothing but the total surrender of TKR.

On April 5, 2020 both TKR and Ex Machina agreed to a truce thus ending the "war".

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