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European Insurgency
Date 23 March - 2 April 2016
Result EU merges into Alpha
Preceded by
Second North American Raid War
War of the Seas
Succeeded by
Purple Spy War
European Union Flag.png
European Union
Arrgh Red Flag.png

European Union Flag.png Loxy
European Union Flag.png G4LYFE
European Union Flag.png Niklas

Arrgh Red Flag.png Jacob Hanson

The European Insurgency was a low level insurgency against Arrgh's lowest tiers which began on March 23 when the European Union, a three member micro alliance, began to repeatedly declare on Arrgh nations. It lasted until April 2 when the last wars between the two expired and all 3 members left to Alpha. The insurgency occurred concurrently with the War of the Seas and the start of the Purple Spy War.


Throughout the conflict there was some speculation that the European Union was receiving funding through their bank from a third party, perhaps from Alpha as that is where they ended up, and warred against Arrgh to get war experience.