European Crisis
Part of the Nuclear War
Date September 9-PRESENT
Casus belli American Expansion into Europe
Status Active
Nuclear War
Russian Federation United States Caledonian Empire

Vladimir Putin

Alison Shaw. Regional Leaders

Emperor Cenna

750,000 1.25 million 3.45 million
Casualties and losses
Unknown 23 Million+ 1.2 Million
RP War

Beginning Edit

America annexed the Islands off the coast of Europe.

European Leaders quickly condemn the expansion, similarly Defensive Structures are placed and a rapid escalation of Nuclear Weapons begins.

The European Leaders then held a European Summit discussing various issues (redacted) The United States then continued its militarization of the Islands sparking heavy protests from France, Evenstar, Hungadada, Australia, Thundera, and other nations. The rapid miliazarion among diplomatic failures resulted in a full fledged war

Nuclear War Edit

The United States abruptly launched a majority of its Nuclear Weapons striking 100 European Cities including Moscow, and Caledonia Ireland. Consequently it killed Prince Zeus of Caledonia. Russia at last moment launched its Nuclear Arsenal, quickly decimating the United States, following a Zeus Strike from Caledonia.

Aftermath Edit

The World quickly condemned the United States for its nuclear launch, but is torn between the loss of life in the United States and in Europe.

The PADO and UDAC sent harsh warnings to the US.

The French Empire has sent an ultimatum threatening to become a part of the war if necessary.

Similarly Sweden and Chernigov have also threatened to join the war on their allies side.

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