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Esquire Templar War of Independence
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date March 19, 2019 - March 30, 2019
Casus belli Revenge on Knights Templar; Meme
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Where we Dropping Bois
Succeeded by
Community Outreach Program

Esquire Templar Flag.jpg
Esquire Templar

Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar


Esquire Templar Flag.jpg ShadyAssassin
Esquire Templar Flag.jpg Danmark
Esquire Templar Flag.jpg San Fortunado

Knights Templar Flag.jpg Keegoz

3 Nations; 3k Score 75 Nations; 181k Score

Esquire Templar War of Independence is a small war fought between Esquire Templar and Knights Templar. The whole basis of the war was to be a big meme.


Esquire Templar was the training alliance for Knights Templar which was later merged into the main alliance following the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Following its super fast growth in score just before the start of DDR and over two billion in positive net damage at the end of the war, a meme revolving around the "Supremacy of the Esquire Templar" was developed.


A few weeks prior to this war, a new squire in the ranks of Knights Templar(who was actually TheShadow in disguise) created a meme server which was supposed to be a fun place to carry on the "ET>KT" meme. However, due to the general closeness of 1st April, a joke alliance called Esquire Templar was in the talks to be created.

Start of the War

Following a supposed (meme) plot to hit the Knights Templar being unearthed, Knights Templar decided to launch two offensive attacks on ShadyAssassin for being the alleged mastermind of this plot.

Deciding to honor the meme, ShadyAssassin left his then alliance Raeiska to create Esquire Templar again and Recognized Hostilities with Knights Templar calling it a "War of Independence".