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Basic Details
Founded 04/01/2020
Headquarters Africa
Color Brown
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
EmpError Basebond
Internal Affairs Titan, Waldo the Greater
Economic Affairs De Barra
Foreign Affairs Elder Rachael
Milicom BaconTopia, TheRiddler
Head of Retards Sri Lanka 001
As of 07/02/2020
Total Nations 98
Score 128,360.14
Average Score 1,309.80
Alliance Rank 20
Active Blocs
Member Hedge Bloc
Active Treaties
MDP Guardian
MDP Children of the Light
MDP Knights Templar
MDP Grumpy Old Bastards
ODP Agon
Protectorate Taith

Introduction Edit

Error 404 is a brown sphere alliance formed on 04/01/2020 by Basebond, Borg & Dyana.(and sri)

It's famous for the Locustus Bot that is currently the most powerful bot in this game.

Their inital treaties were protectorates from Test, Wei & CotL but as they they grew up in ranks, they upgraded from protectorate to MDP & joined the Hedge Bloc.

DoE Edit

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