Erika Furudo
Witch of Truth
Lady Erika
Reign: April 9, 2015 - May 28, 2015
Predecessor: Beatrice
Successor: Eva-Beatrice
Past Alliance(s)
Alliance: Green Protection Agency Flag
Green Protection Agency
Position: Member
Alliance: Terradoxia Flag
Position: Member
Furniture: Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps
Eiserne Jungfrau
Born: Unknown
Occupation: Witch of Truth
Alignment: Evil
Erika Furudo (古戸 ヱリカ Furudo Erika), the Witch of Truth, ruled over the island of Rokkenjima as its new master up until the Rokkenjima Explosion Accident. She currently serves as the leader of Rokkenjima on its home-world of Digiterra.


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