This alliance was annexed into the Knights Templar on November 20, 2017.

Entiti Rorupurei

Entiti Rorupurei Flag
Flag of Entiti Rorupurei

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Basic Details
Founded August 20, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color White
Status Defunct
Emperor / Empress:
  • Thruzan
  • Uvoxyuwin
The Council:
  • Joseph Stalin Jr
  • AlfredvonSchlieffen
  • Atago
  • 12514518
Order of Executives:
  • Michael Burnside
  • Illeniumu
  • KSE
  • Trung
  • Baelfire
  • Akira
  • Rav supreme
As of November 4, 2017
Total Nations 25
Score 33,536.69
Average Score 1,341.47
Alliance Rank 44
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Knights Templar
Protector Pantheon
MDP Zeon

Entiti Rōrupurei (ER) was a white team alliance, protected by Knights Templar and Pantheon. They were founded from the Discord Role-Playing Community, and other Gaming Factions. The alliance was founded on August 16th of 2017 by Thruzan. Their initial 15 member base was mainly derived from both Pantheon and the Knights Templar who agreed to protect them.

On November 20th, after weeks of Thruzan being absent and no contact. The Alliance merged with Knights Templar.

Official Description Edit

We are Entiti Rōrupurei, Entiti is composed of highly active and dedicated role players who united into a single entity. If you enjoy this art and the expanding of the mind, then this alliance is for you! Furthermore, we play games such as War Thunder, WoWs, CaH, SW... So join us for a few rounds.

Raiding us will not be tolerated, and will be met with a swift retaliation of either us, or our protectorates.

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In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes:

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