This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as The Wei on April 2nd, 2020.


Empyrea Flag
Flag of Empyrea

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Basic Details
Founded July 2018
Color Black
Status Active
Chaos Gods
  • James XVI
  • The Royalist
Chaos Legion Master
  • Penguin
  • Akak
Chaos Lord
  • Aleksandr XI
  • Henrich
  • Wulfharth
Advisor to the Gods
  • Solomon Sorrd
  • KylePO
  • ForgotPants
As of 29 January 2019
Total Nations 59
Score 132,575.52
Average Score 2,247.04
Alliance Rank #8
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP The Golden Horde
MDP Knights Templar
MDP Oblivion

Empyrea is a lime colour bloc alliance formed in July 2018 as a merger of Roz Wei and Sassania - one of the alliances it guaranteed independence to (protected). Despite changing name and theme, Empyrea chose to retain the original Roz Wei alliance page. The alliance Solitude also later merged with them in November/December 2018. As of February 2020 it had 15 members.

Governance Edit

Empyrea is under dual leadership, known as 'Chaos Gods' - currently James XVI and The Royalist. They are in turn advised by 'Legion Masters of Chaos' - currently Penguin. The bulk of the government is comprised of 'Chaos Lords' and 'Advisors to the Gods', with additional help from 'Exalted' members. Regular membership comprises of the 'Revered'.

Conflicts Edit

Empyrea has to date participated in five wars: a joint attack with Terminus Est and Church of Spaceology against Seven Kingdoms and Advanced Ideas Mechanics in June 2018; a preemptive attack against House Stark and Cobra Kai Dojo a couple of weeks later; a minor participation in Knightfall against the alliance Tesla in October 2018; against Chaos Bloc in Surf's Up, and as a member of Coalition A in [[[Global War 14]]].

Foreign Affairs Edit

In August 2018, Empyrea broke it's traditional paperless stance by signing three consecutive Mutual Defence Pacts (MDPs) with The Golden Horde, Knights Templar, and Oblivion.

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