This alliance has disbanded.

Empire of Spades

Empire of Spades Flag
Flag of Empire of Spades

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Basic Details
Founded 03/22/2014; 06/02/2015
Headquarters Europe
Color Purple
Status Defunct
Ace N/A
King N/A
Jack of Spades N/A
Jack of Diamonds N/A
Jack of Clubs N/A
Jack of Hearts N/A
Active Blocs
Bloc Purple Powers Coalition
Active Treaties
MDoAP Corporations are purple too, my friend
MDoAP The Dutch East India Company

Empire of Spades Edit

Empire of Spades started out as a monarchy, Uhtred or aka at the time "hawkins" was its founder. Due to Casey wanting to take over the alliance, Uhtred also having personal life issues, he handed it over to who he thought was a friend "Casey". EoS then went on to become a very democratic alliance until it disbanded. Casey, the leader, left PaW. Cyradis, the King at the time, didn't want to run an alliance, so Casey sent everyone to UPN. Some members, however, went to Rose instead.

During the Marionette War, EoS was temporarily resurrected by the former EoS gov (then members of Rose) as a colorbombing tactic against UPN. Although EoS technically declared war on both sides of the war, EoS did not attack Rose or their allies. After the war, EoS disbanded again.

After several months, EoS was restarted by Garrett Tipton. At first, EoS seemed destined for its former glory, with members being added daily. Unfortunately, after a short period as leader, Garrett Tipton stepped down, and WISD0MTREE took over. When Arrgh and Mensa continued hostilities, the Empire was disbanded.

Former Blocs Edit

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