The Nation of Chian is a Militarisitc Imperialist nation with an absolute monarchy. The nation was formed in 1860 at the end of the Second Opium war. Dissatisified with the current state of affiairs the provice of Che- Kiang revolted plugeing the provience into a civil war until the Phoenix family emerged victorius.

Establishing themselfs as the absolute rulers after only a few months of fighting. They renamed the nation Chian and the captial Empire city. As the Chinese civil war progressed Chian didn't join any faction but kept to their own territory. They did this by using imported weapons which the company, Firestorm armories, re-engineered and improved on the weapon desgins. This gave the Imperial Ground Forces, IGF, an advantage that the others couldn't compete with.

History 1860-1900 Edit

Chian's history between the years of 1860 and 1900 is nothing to be impressed with as this is the time when the nation began to find itself in the world.

History 1900-1920 Edit

After establishing itself as a nation, Chian a peaceful nation and only delt with the odd attacks from the other Chinese factions.


World war 1 1914-18 Edit

With the onset of World war 1, or as it was known as the 'European war' in Chian, the nation produced weapons for the Allies before joining them in 1916. Focusing on the eastern front during the war, the nation was intrested in the new style of warfare and new vehicles such as the tank. Unknown to the rest of the world, the Chianese military was planning of a massive expantion into neighboring factions.

The main equipment of the Chian military was concidered to be basic at best. Nither good, nor bad but their training was concidered to be supirior to the allies. Dueing the first few years of the war, each soldier was armed with a british lee enfield. But close to the end shipments of the USA's Browning automatic rifles were issued with the intent of outfitting the enitre army with the weapon.

However this came with dwarbacks as the weapon was heavy and the magazine was only 20 rounds. The rushed production of the weapon also had factors to play with this making the army woefully ill equipped near the end of the war.

History 1918-1930 Edit

After the ill equpping of the army one of the factions decided to attack Chian. This was a mixed bag as while the army was ill equipped they were stilled well trained and had the newly produced MkVIII C tank. Unlike others of it's type, this one had a top mounted turret offering it more offensive capabilities.

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