The Emperor of the New Pacific Order is the supreme holder of power in the New Pacific Order, the title representing the summit of the Pacifican hierarchy. The Emperor has a wide range of powers, including the ability to sign treaties and declare war on other alliances. The Emperor reigns for life unless he/she steps down beforehand.

When an Emperor steps down they receive the title Imperator Emeritus, and are still able to give advice and comment to the new Emperor while they are a member of the New Pacific Order. Any Imperator Emeritus who leaves the New Pacific Order will still retain their title, but is no longer considered a part of the government in the Order.

Emperors of the New Pacific OrderEdit

Emperor Assumed office Abdicated Tenure Other titles
Frawley 1 December 2015 1 August 2016 244 Days Glorious Leader, The Thunder Down Under
Roquentin 1 August 2016 Incumbent 1,438 Days
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