Emperor Richard Golen (Commonly referred to as Emperor Golen II or Emperor Golen the Second) is the son of RJRA Golen. He is the current leader of the United Provinces of Rekishstein and the Alpha Supreme Minister of NOPETA.

Early LifeEdit

Emperor Golen II went to Golen Elementary, Tiqerp Middle, and is currently 14-years-old in Tiqerp High School. His father, Golen 1st, was assassinated at the Phintopia World Cup. He was devastated. He got over it in about 3 weeks. He was also officially named Emperor of Rekishstein.

Important Life EventsEdit

  • Named Emperor
  • Goes to war against CoRC Terrorist Group
  • Goes to war against CoRC Terrorist Group (Again)
  • Several... scuffles... with Canada
  • Golen II shoots Prime Minister Eric of Canada
  • Golen II arrested for attempt of murder
  • Sent to Bir Tiwal Prison for LIFE
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