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Emperor Golen was the first leader of the United Provinces of Rekishstein. He was also the leader of the 


alliance NOPETA.

Early Life

Richard Jonathan Ronald Albus Golen (R.J.R.A. Golen, more commonly referred to as Golen the First) lived in a small village in the middle east. He grew up and attended a local school and college, and eventually graduated with a degree in law. About 5 years later, a terrorist group came through and took over the village, and ordered strict laws, with harsh consequences. Golen, along with many other people, secretly met, and chased the terrorists out. They united with other villages and towns and attempted to chase out the terrorists. Unfortunately, the terrorists regrouped their numbers and captured almost all of the citizens. The remaining free people fled to a small island off the coast of southern Africa, and chose Golen as their leader.

Important Life Events

  • Achieved degree in law
  • Chosen leader of Rekishstein
  • Founded alliance NOPETA
  • Assassinated while at the Phintopia World Cup I