Embargoes are a game mechanic that allow players to forbid any trading with another nation or alliance. Placing an embargo on another nation will prevent either side from accepting trade offers from the other. Having an embargo placed also slightly affects a player's approval rating. Embargoes may only be placed by a player, and cannot be forced by an alliance government.

Embargoes may be placed for any reason a player sees fit. Historical reasons include alliance wars, raiding against a "protected" nation or alliance, protesting unfair trade practices, or matching an existing embargo.

Placing an Embargo Edit

To place an embargo on a nation, you can just go to the nation's page and click the "Embargo" button in between the "trade offer" and the "Declare War" buttons. To embargo an alliance, you first have to go the the trade page. Next, you click the "Embargoes" button. You then change the drop down menu from nation to alliance, and type the name of the alliance you wish to embargo.

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