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"Supreme MOFO" El Commander is the 1st and current leader of the nation of Wrathaz. Born on Planet Bob, El Commander studied in the Coolsville College of Tactics and Leadership. At age 17 he became the youngest ever General of the Wrathaz miltary. At age 21, after the end of the Doom War on Planet Bob, El Commander was sent with a group of settlers to Orbis where he played a key role in establishing Wrathaz as a major power. He currently resides in Fort Santa,Wrathaz.

Early Life

El Commander was known for beating up pussies and lame people in his school and got into trouble a lot. At age 11, it became apparent to the school heads that he was far too brilliant to be in school and he was sent to the Coolsville College of Tactics and Leadership where he could use his affinity for war and legandary genius to help his nation.


At the Coolsville College of Tactics and Leadership he was one of the best students, often defeating the teachers in simulations. He was not as troublesome there due to being happier than when he was in school but there are unconfirmed reports of people who pissed him off "vanishing" but nothing has ever been confirmed. During the Smilers Civil war on Planet Bob he was in his last year of college and played the role of "Special Advisor" to the then General of Military, G.E Smutts. This let other people notice his talent and he got the position of Colonel straight out of college.

Doom War

The Doom War was the first war El Commander participated in, and he kicked ass so bad that he was promoted to General after the first battle. The previous general, General G.E Smutts mysteriuosly dissappeared during that battle. Details are still unknown. Near the end of the war, El Commander was in a transport convoy when the city they just left was attacked by a nuclear warhead. The convoy was destroyed but the General escaped dispite of major radiation burns. He spent the rest of the war in a military hospital and recovered after 2 weeks. He was interred into the Order Of The Friend Of The State and retained his position of general, even though he was really bored in peacetime.

Commander Of The First Battalion

In Orbis, The nation of Wrathaz under the command of El Commander was accepted into the alliance The Viridian Entente. There he was given the position of Commander Of The First Battalion of the Viridian Militrary. He held this position for a long time before resigning. 


El Commander is also the main host and manager of the Viridian Radio. He is known to do regular shows but has recently not done one due to him having loads of work.