This alliance merged with SPQR to form Carthago on 19 April 2019.

Egyptian Empire

Egyptian Empire Flag
Flag of Egyptian Empire

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Basic Details
Founded Sept 17 2018
Color Maroon
Status Defunct
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Pharaoh El Chach
Senior Viziers Asierith, Antonio
Vizier of the Economy Antonio
Vizier of Internal Affairs Asierith
Vizier of Foreign Affairs LazyPuerco
Vizier of Military Affairs Bmber
Noble of the Economy Amari Corvus
Noble of Internal Affairs Mohammad
Noble of Foreign Affairs Strett
Noble of Military Affairs KingDracula
As of April 07, 2019
Total Nations 39
Score 89,593.55
Average Score 2,297.27
Alliance Rank 35
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Frontier Records
MDP Order of the White Rose

The Egyptian Empire Edit

The Egyptian Empire is a Maroon alliance that was founded on September 17th 2018.

Philosophy Edit

Egyptian Empire is an alliance that priorities individuality for all members. The government has set up policies for members to adhere to bespoke nation builds, rather than a required build, as several other top alliances are set up.

Applicants (Scribes) to the alliance remain unprotected from raiders until agreeing to the alliance's terms and conditions - at which point they become Soldiers or take their government position designated by the Pharaoh.

History Edit

Founded on September 17, 2018, Egyptian Empire is a venture launched by former La Mafia FA government member El Chach, along with Xea Evangelos and several former Celestia members. The alliance is Ancient Egypt-themed and is ruled by a Pharaoh, assisted by a cadre of Senior Viziers, Viziers and Nobles.

Almost immediately, the alliance broke into the top 70, and continues to grow. In just over a month the alliance hit top 50, joining the treaty web on the 23rd of Oct, 2018.

Apophis Edit

Following the Apophis war in late 2018, El Chach stepped down as Pharaoh, and Xea Evangelos took over. Since the leadership change, the alliance has adopted several economic reforms including a volunteer-tiered tax system and an emphasis on economic protectionism.

El Chach's second reign Edit

In March 2019, Xea stepped down in somewhat mysterious terms, but Xea handed over power to El Chach again. El Chach quickly began a government restructure which included filing up positions for Nobles.

Government Edit

Structure Edit

Egyptian Empire is governed by a High Government Council comprised of (1) Pharaoh; (3) Senior Viziers; and (4) Viziers.

The Charter and all Egyptian Empire internal policies are enforced and protected by the High Government Council, which regularly meets to ensure that members are given the best chance to succeed.

Current structure Edit

Montus Priests Edit

Montus Priests are the rapid reaction force of the Egyptian Empire. They are used for counters to raids.

Montus Priests

List of Pharaohs Edit

# Pharaoh Term in office Notes
1 El Chach September 17 - December 10, 2018 Resigned due to Apophis
2 Xea Evangelos December 10, 2018 - March 11, 2019 Resigned
2* Asierith and Gallant March 11 - March 13, 2019 *Appointed by Xea
1 (2) El Chach March 13 - present

Foreign Relations Edit

Egyptian Empire immediately entered into Protectorate arrangements with Vanguard and Acadia, following the publishing of Egyptian Empire's Charter.

Since then, Egyptian Empire brought on a succession of protectorates, including The Crimson Entente and Aurora, as well as harbouring several members of SPQR prior to the alliance's formation

Conflicts Edit

Egyptian Empire Flag
War Combatants Outcome
Apophis EE vs Empyrea, Arrgh White Peace

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