Edictum Arrgh

Arrgh Flag

Treaty Type: Global ODoAP
Treaty Signed: 13 June 2016
Treaty Status: Active

Edictum Arrgh is an edict declared on 13 June 2016 codifying Arrgh's foreign affairs policy that they had held since their formation on 19 December 2014. It reflects Arrgh's longstanding paperless foreign policy.


The edict states that Arrgh reserves the right gather and share intelligence about any nation or alliance, move or plunder money overtly or covertly to and from any nation or alliance, be contracted into entering any conflict involving any nation or alliance, or to not attack any nation or alliance,


Article 1: Non-AggressionEdit

Arrgh reserves the right to not attack people we don't feel like attacking.

Article 2: IntelligenceEdit

Arrgh reserves the right to listen to gossip and idly speculate about you.

Article 3: AidEdit

Arrgh reserves the right to stash, embezzle and launder dosh.

Article 4: WarEdit

Arrgh reserves the right to participate in organized violence upon request (may involve article 3)

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