Eclipse Flag
Flag of Eclipse

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Basic Details
Founded 12 April 2020
Color Blue
Status Active
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Commander Vein
Second in Command • Uniment
• Pascal
Foreign Affairs Specialist Vein
Economics Specialist Pascal
Defense Specialist KEvinKevKevin
Internal Affairs Specialist • KindaEpicMoah
• Thamous
Tech Specialist Hughes
Sheetmaster Specialist Nean
Advisors • Seven
• Messi
Defense Explorer • Hari
• Nirvana
Internal Affairs Explorer • Rossington
• Hedgie04
As of 20 June 2020
Total Nations 65
Score 108,015.76
Average Score 1,661.78
Alliance Rank #24
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Syndicate

Eclipse is a Blue color trade bloc alliance that is spearheaded by a group of ex-pirates. It is the successor of Mythic.

Alliance AnnouncementsEdit

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