This alliance merged with the Guerrilla Republik to form Vanguard on April 5th, 2015.  More information is available here.

Earth Systems Alliance

Earth Systems Alliance Flag.png
Flag of Earth Systems Alliance

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Basic Details
Founded 12/18/14
Headquarters South America
Color White
Status Defunct
Fleet Admiral The Speaker
Exterior Sector Tali zorah Vas Normandy
Defense Sector AdamDeering
Interior Sector Darknight
Finance Sector Apeman
Other Official(s) Admiral Alduin
Active Blocs
MDAP Citadel MDAP (Canceled)
Active Treaties

Foundation and Protection

The ESA was founded on 12/18/14 but wasn't officially established on PW until 12/22/14. During those four days The Speaker, Alduin, AdamDeering, and Apeman worked together to establish the alliance and it's official offsite forum.

During the first few weeks of it's existance, ESA was protected by the alliance Guardian. Shortly after, due to its growth, ESA ventured out on its own with a non-paper agreement with Guardian should ESA find itself in trouble.

Chain of Command

It was clear to the founders of the ESA that a Chain of Command would always be needed. The following is a list of the official Chain of Command for the ESA:

  • Fleet Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Staff Commanders
  • Staff Lieutenants
  • Servicemen

Conclusion of ESA

The Earth Systems Alliance faced some minor troubles with activity and stunted growth. It would seem that stagnation was evident which brought the topic of "disbandment" to the ESA Command on a few occasions - each time Command decided to keep on moving forward with Earth Systems Alliance until they couldn't any more.

It wasn't until after the Citadel War - when Earth Systems Alliance and Guerrilla Republik got close - that any conversation of Disbandment or Merge actually had a foothold in Command discussions. The Speaker and Rampage of Guerilla Republik discussed a merger to create a brand new alliance - now Vanguard. The merge was agreed to on both sides and work began on creating Vanguard.

Vanguard still exists today with most of its original members.

The leadership Vanguard, The Speaker and Rampage both moved on to greater endeavors.

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