File:Banner 3 Flag of Duvalia

Chancellor Sanjeticus
Captain of Arrgh!
Basic Information
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship Dictatorship
Social Policies Conservative Conservative
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Economy File:Open Market.png Open Market
Religion Prosperity of Duvalia
Currency Gold Standard
Military Strength
National Capital Papadoc
Other Cities 9
  • Duvalia

Myanmar has always been a warzone. With some of the longest running civil wars and more than 100 ethnic groups, it was only natural for conflict to escalate to such a level where provinces would be fractured and atrocities acted out upon their neighbors. The Rakhine province's southern coastal area decided to fracture completely from Myanmar after the national army committed genocidal attacks against the small pockets of Karen peoples. Their new leader who came from a small fishing village called Papadoc, led a rebellion that changed the political landscape. The rebellion held and the Bamar majority and Karen peoples banded together to form a new nation. May 20th is its independence day. Their new dictatorial government was now led by a man who named himself Sanjeticus. The new nation of Duvalia is known for its heavy political gains in recent years, befriending some of the most unlikely nations to further its goals in growth and prosperity

New allies and enemies Jumping into the international scene of Orbis, Chancellor Sanjeticus, acting as foreign ambassador, discovered that many of the older nations dealt in the salt trade. Much salt was found during his visits across the globe and in the Direct International Social Committee of Orbis’ Rhetorical Discussion. Known as DISCORD, these leagues housed the best and the worst of all the nations.

Sanjeticus speaking through D.I.S.C.O.R

Once there, and after many disputes between other nations, Sanjeticus was called by his administration to address a recent terrorist attack that killed 911 civilians in the gracious capital of Papadoc.. Communicating toward DISCORD, it was discovered that the terrorists that led the attack were Oofologists from the Oof Kingdom. Oof Leader was confronted. The Chancellor told him that he would execute the radical Oofologists. Hesitant, Oof Leader refused to respond to the allegations that Oof Kingdom was responsible for the attack. Duvalia had then laid an embargo on the kingdom and executed the Oofologists. Frightened by the news that Duvalia would no longer trade in gems and jewelry to Oof Kingdom, Oof leader chose to issue a statement at May 21st, 2020 at 1:56pm EST  “I, Oof leader, disavow any radical oofologist terrorists and believe that Chancellor Sanjeticus was correct in executing my citizens that invaded and claimed the lives of 911 Duvalian civilians. Praise kek and the prosperity of Duvalia.” (word for word actual statement). Ever since then, Duvalia had found respect from some other parties and has signed non aggression pacts with individual nations from separate alliance groups.

Diplomacy fails

Makedebi (left) Sanjeticus (right)

After a meeting with President Vladmir Putin, The Chancellor met with Mani Malekabedi who is the leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in the capital city of Qaemshahr. Peace talks were underway as Malekadebi threatened Israel with missiles. Israel was one of the few western nations to recognize Duvalia’s sovereignty. Chancellor Sanjeticus felt that meeting with Malekabedi would improve relations with both nations.

Four hours into negotiations, the embassy was struck with an rpg. ISIS militants stormed the embassy killing Duvalian Security Forces and IIR army men. Barricaded in the embassy, a heavy firefight ensued causing many Duvalian militants injury and death. Just as all hope was lost, Far East Empire Special Operatives sprung the Chancellor out of the embassy and used a black hawk to rescue the dictator. An immense show of kindness followed with another alliance.

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