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Duck Hunt
Part of the Great Wars
Date Oct 30, 2020 - December 14, 2020
(Duration: 45 Days)
Casus belli
  • Quack: Leaked logs revealing TCW plans to hit Quack
  • Camelot: Quack’s existence as a hegemonic power, Eclipse's many pronged campaign against them
  • Quack Sphere defeat
  • 4 month NAP
Preceded by
Fiction Friction
Quack sphere

The Syndicate Flag.png
The Syndicate
The Enterprise Flag.jpg
The Enterprise
The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant
ChurchOfAtom flag.png
Church of Atom
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg
Seven Kingdoms
Eclipse Flag.gif
Black Knights Flag.png
Black Knights

The Imperium

Nexus Flag.png

House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
CTO Commie Flag.png

Order of the White Rose New Flag.png
Order of the White Rose

Chocolate Castle
Terminus Est
Aurora Flag.png
Oceania Flag.png
The Legion Flag.png
The Legion
Amarr Empire.jpg
Amarr Empire
Strickland Propane.png
Strickland Propane
Solar Knights Flag.png
Solar Knights

The Covenant Badge.jpg
The Covenant

The Commonwealth Flag.jpg
The Commonwealth

United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations

The Hedge Money.png

The Hedge Money

Guardian Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards
Children Of The Light Flag.png
Children of the Light
Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar

Error 404 Flag.gif
Error 404

Eternal Empire of Rose.png
CamelotFlag Updated.png
ASM Flag.png
Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
Atlas Technologies

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg

The Swamp Flag.jpg
The Swamp

Fark Flag.jpg
The Immortals Flag.png
The Immortals
San Marino Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists
The Ampersand Flag.jpg
The Ampersand
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire
The Federation

United Socialist Nations Flag.jpg United Socialist Nations


The Void Touched.png
The Void Touched
GATO Flag.png
Global Alliance & Treaty Organization

UL.png Unforgiven Legion

Spanish Armada Flag.jpg
Spanish Armada
Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad
TKTS Flag.png
The Knights of The Stratosphere
World Task Force Flag.png
World Task Force
Schrute Farms.gif
Shrute Farms
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg
Soldiers of Liberty
Respublica Romana
Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies
Dual Suns.gif
Dual Suns


The Syndicate Flag.png Shiho Nishizumi
The Syndicate Flag.png Partisan
The Syndicate Flag.png Theodosius
The Syndicate Flag.png Dionysus
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Benfro
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Miller
ChurchOfAtom flag.png James II
ChurchOfAtom flag.png Keza Purple
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg MCMaster-095
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg Squeegee
Eclipse Flag.gif Pascal
Black Knights Flag.png Yosodog
Black Knights Flag.png LordStrum
Black Knights Flag.png Clown
Imperialeagle.jpg Lord Vader
House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
CTO Commie Flag.png Daveth
CTO Commie Flag.png Krampus
CTO Commie Flag.png Sahina
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png Sval
CCflag.png Menhera
CCflag.png Lossi
Test.gif Boyce the Great
Test.gif FinlayMac
Aurora Flag.png Kan0601
Aurora Flag.png Michal Aoun
Aurora Flag.png Yzard
Oceania Flag.png Wulfharth
The Legion Flag.png Lord Windmark
Amarr Empire.jpg Jet Whites
Strickland Propane.png Macky g
Solar Knights Flag.png Kiwilliam
Solar Knights Flag.png Snjar Dreki

The Commonwealth Flag.png Putmir Vladin
United Purple Nations Flag.png Matt2004
Guardian Flag.jpg Memph
Guardian Flag.jpg synthesis
Guardian Flag.jpg JtTeE
Guardian Flag.jpg Vanek26
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg SRD
Children Of The Light Flag.png Leftbehind
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Denison
Error 404 Flag.gif Basebond
Eternal Empire of Rose.png Valkorion Baratheon
Eternal Empire of Rose.png Lucianus
CamelotFlag Updated.png Arthur
CamelotFlag Updated.png Epimetheus
CamelotFlag Updated.png Viselli
CamelotFlag Updated.png Sweden Ball
ASM Flag.png Comrade Joe
At.png Jordan
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Ockey5
Fark.png Bozzie
Fark.png Kitschie
Fark.png This Fckn Guy
TI.png Tyrion Lannister
TI.png Grave
TI.png Halware
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Quichwe10
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Harry Flashman
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Kaz
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Cosmos
Amp.png Alexio
Amp.png HannaH
Amp.png Kilo
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Atlan
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Poppa Onuris
Fed.png Kosta
United Socialist Nations Flag.jpg DarVolt
The Void Touched.pngGeorge Patton
GATO Flag.pngWootmeister
UL.png Drekkza
Spanish Armada Flag.jpg Parnella
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Unlimited
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Xonera
TKTS Flag.png Isole Kendra
TKTS Flag.png David III
World Task Force Flag.png Nintendo
Schrute Farms.gif Dwight k Schrute
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg Peace Jesus
R&rflag.jpg Dreadnought
Weebunism.png Empiur
Black Skies.jpgAlan
Dual Suns.gifNev

2,947,000 Score

951 Nations

5,352,000 Score

1,831 Nations

Casualties and losses
704.7 Billion 650.8 Billion

Duck Hunt is a global conflict that broke out on October 30, 2020 when Quack Sphere declared war on Hedge Money and The Commonwealth. Simultaneously, Rose Sphere as well as The Swamp declared war on Quack Sphere. The war concluded with a Quack Sphere defeat on December 14, 2020 with a total of over $1.3 trillion in damages to both sides.


October 31st, 2020

November 1st, 2020

November 2nd, 2020

November 5th, 2020

November 6th, 2020

November 10th, 2020

November 11th, 2020

  • Total damage dealt for both sides reaches $1 trillion

November 30th, 2020

December 14, 2020

There were advertisements developed and released onto the site as another aspect of the war.

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