This alliance has disbanded as of November 2017.


Duat Flag
Flag of Duat

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Basic Details
Founded June 26, 2017
Headquarters Africa
Color Black
Status Defunct
Caretaker Grealind
  • Nicol Bolas
  • Robert Ap Ioan
As of July 23, 2017
Total Nations 12
Score 32,112.72
Average Score 2,676.06
Alliance Rank 40
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Guardians of the Galaxy
MDoAP Holy Britannian Empire
MDoAP Knights Templar
Protectorate Vault 111
Protectorate Yarr

Duat (𒀭) was an Egyptian themed black team alliance founded on June 26, 2017 as a reformation of the Land of Confusion. They effectively disbanded following the Celestial Invasion of Duat and scandals arising out of it.

Official DescriptionEdit

Welcome to the Lands of Duat, the mythical paradise where all the dead live in eternal harmony and everlasting peace. Each of the twelve lands is ruled by a Pharaoh, who is protected and safeguarded by the Deities of Duat. From the three Deities, a Caretaker is chosen to oversee all of Duat.

Above all, the Pharaohs respect the dead that populate their kingdoms. From across Orbis, all the wars fought, all the bloodshed, brings Duat insurmountable wealth. We do not need to descend from our thrones to do battle, for battle is done in our name, and in our honor, even if the men do not speak our names. The Caretaker and the Deities closely watch the empires along the Nile, ensuring that should war come to Duat, the Pharaohs will be ready and prepared to defend the rivers of eternal life.

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