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A Domestic Policy is an emphasis in a particular area by your nation. Each Domestic Policy provides a different benefit to your nation, although all of them contribute in reducing some of your expenses. There are 5 different Domestic Policies which, used correctly, can be powerful tools for nation building. As your nation grows and changes, so will your needs, so it is a good idea to reevaluate frequently what Domestic Policy is best for you.

You can change your Domestic Policy at the "Edit" page under the "Nation" heading. You can only do this once every 60 turns (5 days), so be careful.

Domestic Policies

In total, there are 5 Domestic Policies to choose from:

Icon Name Description
Travel Manifest Destiny The pursuit of rapid expansion. It reduces new city costs by 5%.
Building Urbanization The pursuit of industrialization and development. It decreases Infrastructure costs by 5%. *
Brain Technological Advancement The pursuit of increasing scientific knowledge. It decreases National Project costs by 5%.
Coins-0 Open Markets The pursuit of Gross income increase by 1%. and total expences are decreased by 2%.
Grenade Imperialism The pursuit of growth through military dominance. It decreases Military Upkeep Costs by 5%.

* This decrease in infrastructure costs stacks with the 5% decrease in cost that the Center for Civil Engineering National Project gives (resulting in a total decrease of 10% in infrastructure costs).

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