Dlanor A. Knox

Dlanor A. Knox Portrait

Portrait of Dlanor A. Knox

Born Unknown
Location Rokkenjima
Title(s) Inquisitor of Heresy
Age Unknown
Race Angel
Other name(s) Death Sentence Dlanor
Dlanor of the Ten Wedges

Dlanor A. Knox (ドラノール・A・ノックス Doranōru A Nokkusu) is the Chief Inquisitor of the Eiserne Jungfrau and enforces the commandments of Knox's Decalogue, originally written by her father Ronald A. Knox. She serves as Furniture, along with the rest of the Eiserne Jungfrau, to Erika Furudo and the Witch Council.

Dlanor is popularly known as "Death Sentence Dlanor" and "Dlanor of the Ten Wedges". She can summon a red blade of light as her main method of attack.



  • She is named in reference to Ronald Knox. In fact, she is heavily implied to be the daughter of "THE Knox", as stated by her and Battler. She also executed him by authorization of her Court, possibly for the books he was interpreting later in life, which may have resulted in real-life cancer.
  • Dlanor is Ronald spelled backwards.
  • Despite her seemingly cool personality, she breaks out into a cat's laughing face whenever she is on a roll with an inquisition. This begins with a raised eyebrow, then an open-mouth cat's smile, and finally a laughing face.
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