Dio's War on Christmas
Dio's War On Christmas
Date Dec. 19-26, 2016
Casus belli None Specified
Result Mensa and allied victory

Valyria merges into Seven Kingdoms and Order of Storms disbands

Preceded by
Nuclear Raidmas
Nuclear Raidmas
Succeeded by
Papers, Please
Mensa HQ Flag
Mensa HQ
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights

Rose Peace Flag
Obelisk Flag
The Commonwealth Flag
The Commonwealth
Lordaeron Flag

Seven Kingdoms Flag
Seven Kingdoms White flag icon

Valyria Flag
Valyria White flag icon
Night's Watch Flag
Night's Watch White flag icon

Order of Storms Flag
Order of Storms White flag icon

Mensa HQ Flag Vanek26
Black Knights Flag Curufinwe
Rose Peace Flag Durmij
Rose Peace Flag Lilac Veritas
Obelisk Flag Prezyan
Obelisk Flag Park
The Commonwealth Flag Justin076
Lordaeron Flag Kylo Ren

Seven Kingdoms Flag Valdoroth White flag icon
Valyria Flag Bradley Davies White flag icon
Night's Watch Flag Eddard Stark White flag icon
Night's Watch Flag Artch  White flag icon
Night's Watch Flag ctigrisht White flag icon
Order of Storms Flag Lord Frostsword White flag icon

385,083.37 NS
244 members
188,090.48 NS
153 members

Dio's War on Christmas was a conflict which began on December 19, 2016 when Mensa HQ declared war on the Seven Kingdoms.

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