Armed Forces
Founded After the fall of the United Federation of Europe
Ranked in the world 1,000
Service branches Bundeswehr: Ground Force

Luffwaffle: Air Force Imeperial DeustchReich Navy: Naval Force

Headquarters Konisberg
Air arm flying hours 56,000
Commander In Cheif Angela Merkel
Federal Minister of Defense Imperator Wilhelm Rommel
Generalinspekteur Volker Wieker
Military age 21
Conscription no
Available for
military service
100,000 males, age 21,
70,000 females, age 21
Fit for
military service
60,000 males, age 21,
15,000 females, age 21
Reaching military
age annually
20,000 males,
20,000 females
Active personnel 40,000 (ranked 1,150)
Reserve personnel 20,000
Budget 1.46 Billion
Percent of GDP 24%
Domestic suppliers DeustchArms
Foreign suppliers WestroArms


Annual imports F-16

Chola Fighter Jets

Aerys-Class Submarines

M-146 Rifles

Annual exports Leopard 2

Deustch-Class Missle Cruisers

K-15 Rifles

Panzerfaust launcher

M120 Anti-personnel Launcher

K-25 AutoRifles



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The Bundeswehr is the Armed Forces of the DeustchReich.

Formed to protect and serve the German People. The Bundeswher as been active around the globe in counter-terrorism and wars against the evil empires that threaten the free world. 

General Volker Wieker leads the Bundeswehr 

Heeresgruppe A of the Bundeswehr led by Field Marshal Richman Conradin Rommel


Heeresgruppe A in training exersices in Northern Finalnd

Consist of 40 Infantry brigades and 20 tank bridages it is the Bundeswehrs main fighting force around the globe,

Heeresgruppe B of the Bundeserhr led by Commander Verner Merle Wieker

it is tasked with protecting the DeustchReich borders and defends the fatherland from external threats 

Consist of 30 Infrantry Brigades and 10 tank brigades 

0,,15256068 4,00

Heeresgruppe B ceremony in Konisberg marking the 3rd anniversary of the Texan invasion in the DeustchReich


Air Marshal Eric von Jäjer

The Luftwaffe is the aerial force of the DeustchReich. Playing a crucial part in the fefense of Münich during the Texan-German war, allowing Heeresgruppe A to return to Münich and launch a counterattack recapturing Konisberg and 

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2 f-16 enroute to bomb Texan positions on the Munich border

freeing Heeresguppe B trapped there. It then was able to destory the Texan airforce within 2 days and allowed Heersgruppe A to capture Texanpolis withing hours.

Royal Imperial Navy of the DeustchReich

Fleet Admiral Kaiser Von Herrman

Having Commision 5 ships 

The SMS Merkel


The SMS DeustchReich

The SMS Bismarck

The SMS DesutchReich

The SMS Chola 

And the SMS Prussia

The Merkel was sunk after a Texan sub the TS Austin sturck her, all hands were lost. 

The Bismarck, Chola and Prussia were all hit when Texan and Palestinian Foreign Intelligence bombed the Konisberg drydock. 

The SMS DeustchReich was struck after sinking the TS Houston TS Revenge and the PFF Jersualem 

it is currenty being repaired.

German Special Forces


KSK Operatives in training

Limited Knowledge is known about the German Sepcial Forces Kommando Spezialkräfte estimates number them to 1,000 of the Bundeswher's Finest. They are best of the best and are ruthless and reck fear into their enemies hearts.

They had participated in assisting the German Intelligence bomb targets in the Texan and Palestinian German war. 

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