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Offical Flag of the DeustchReich.png Flag of DeuschReich

Chancellor Angela Merkel.jpeg
The Federal Republic of the DeustchReich Angela Merkel
Government Advisor of The Chola
Basic Information
Founded 04/12/2016 after the fall of the United Federation of Europe in 03/05/2016
Color Brown
National Statistics
Government Type File:Bundesrepublik.png Bundesrepublik
Social Policies Far Left.png Far Left
Economic Policies Moderate.png Moderate
Economy Mixed Economy.png Mixed Economy
Currency Euro
GDP € 363,320,784.65
Civilians 263,827
Area 3,979 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 66.31 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Bundeswehr
Nation Rank 1,665
Score 319.46
Infantry 40,000
Tanks 207
Aircraft 220
Ships 5
Spies Classifed
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Wolfsburg Stadium
Team: Bayern Munich
Investment € 71,000.00
National Capital Berlin
Other Cities Munich



Formed after a huge economic crisis in Europe lead to the formation of the United Federation of Europe. The Federation was created to unite Europe under one banner. To end the economic Crisis and bring Europe back to stability. Soon after its creation the Russian Federation invaded The Baltic Nations, Eastern Europe and Ukraine, rushing to the rescue the Ground Self-Defense Force repelled the Russians, and adding Eastern Europe and the Baltics to the federation. After a series of reform, Angela Merkel now in her 4th Term stayed in power for her intelligence, humbleness, and wisdom, however, after losing her 3rd term to Von Klause, his military reforms left millions homeless, huge deficit, and a million deaths in the armed forces, and the military ban on our armed forces, Angela Merkel has negotiated a deal for a 2,000 soldiers, and has taken steps to reduce unemployment and decrease our deficit 

However a Russian-backed Separatist movement in Ukraine sparked a civil war, causing the European Federation to almost dissolve, Central European forces stomped the Ukraine, and nationalist in Spain having forceful revolted saw this defeat, stood down and joined the Federation, Causing doubts by other nations in the long hood of the European Federation 

After 3 years of tranquility, the European Federation was once again tested, numerous attacks from multiple enemies across the globe had caused the 

German Nationalist Infront of the Federation Headquarters in Berlin

Federation states to question the strength of the Federation and as a result Nationalist in France, Spain, England, and Germany protested and mass demonstrations and referendums caused a split to occurred,

Protesters in France

various former nations and new nations arose from the ashes, Foreign Influence had taken over the newly formed states. 

The Center of the Federation, had become the DeutshObserich or the DeutschReich and had begun the stages to rebuild the Deutschland to its former glory

The Deutsch Reich has had strong economic and military alliance around the globe. After neighboring Russia began taking back Eastern Europe, The Baltics and Ukraine. The Deutsch Reich strongly rearmed and is in great diplomatic position. 

The Fall of the Federation is seen as a great disaster, many historians call it the new example of balkanization. With ever more threats of terrorism and a growing radical group in Northern England, the DeutschReich had begun a military campaign and is seen as far more aggressive than their previous United Federation. Many of the members in the Federation maintain close economic, civil, and military ties.


The Federal Chancellery

The DeutchesReich is a federal republic. The Bundsestag is the upper parliment with 600 seats.

Current Federal Ministers

Chancellor: Angela Merkel DFP

President: Josef Müller TDV

Vice Chancellor: Ellena von der Kühn DFP

Minister of Defense: Imperator Wilhelm Rommel DFP

Minister of Finance: Siegfried Schmidt TCP 

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kaiser Von Klause DFP 

Minister of Internal Affairs: Ellyzabeth Merkel DFP

Minister of Transportation: Jarvis TDV

Minister of Environment: Rudolph Reinhart TCP

Minister of Civil Defense: Emma Wolf Indepedent

Minister of Education: Von Krüger TDV 

Minister of Health: Ludwig Herrmann TCP

Minister of Agriculture: Alia Hindenburg TCP 

Minister of Entertainment Allan Öbster TCP


There are 2 main parties in the Bundsestag, The DFP, Deustchland First Party, the TDV or The Deustch Volke 

but The Communist Party or TCP holds a lot of power in government.

Deutschland First Party holds a majority of the 150/250 seats in the Bundestag 

The Communist Party hold 25/250 

The Deutsche Volke party holds 100/250 being the second majority 

And the Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands holds another 20 

And 5 independents 



The Bundeswher are the Armed Forces of the DesutchReich

The newly formed Bundeswehr was formed as the main armed forces component to defend the DeutschReich, spearheaded by Kaiser Hoffman, the new Bundeswehr has a lot to live up to with its predecessor the European Ground Defense Forces 

Current General Volker Wieker 

The Bundeswehr spends 1.48 Billion Dollars on defense annually and is undergoing major rearmament plans.

Infantry Brigades 

700 Infantry Brigades

German F-16

30 Tank Brigades: Leopard 2 and Leopard Tigers 

220 Aircrafts: A mix arsenal of F-16 and Eurofighter Typhoon 

Leopard 2

German Soldiers in Training


Deutsch Reich Border Skirmish 

Chola Defense Wars

German-Texan war 

The Great Global War

Federation-Palestinian War 

Second German-Texan war 

The DeutchesReich has military alliances with other alliances and is protected by The Chola Defense Pact