Democracy of Bombing
Date 08 October 2017
Casus belli Government election corruption and espionage
Status Bombardier Victory
Bombardier Democratic Allience for Freedom



3 Members 16 Members
Casualties and losses
None 2 Nations lost war
Ribbons Awarded
Reparations To Bombardier
A Micro war between Bombardier and Democratic Alliance for Freedom, technically only 2 wars were committed by Aang of Bombardier against Democratic Alliance for Freedom, he claims they were pre-emtive and part of a longer standing conflict, involving the coup of the previous Allied States of Chaos.

This war had some political acclaim after several notable parties took interest and almost escalated the conflict

Parties involved:


Solidarity of Dragons

The Advocates

Holy Britannia Empire

Notably this isn't a notable war. Though this war was fought and won by Aang alone.

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