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Date 24-25 November 2016
Casus belli Arrgh's claim: Debts owed to Arrgh from the Silent War

UPN's claim: Arrgh was bored

Result UPN pays off Arrgh's claimed debts; Arrgh protects UPN for 1 month
Preceded by
Forgotten Raid
Succeeded by
Vassal Liberation War
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United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations

Arrgh Flag.png Immeral Ilimaris

United Purple Nations Flag.png Pangui

53 nations
53,237 score
46 nations
45,140 score

Debtsgiving was a mass raid launched against the United Purple Nations by Arrgh on November 25, 2016. During the conflict, Arrgh launched 47 raids against UPN while UPN retaliated with one war.

Background and Controversy

The Arrgh admiralty claim the war was started due to a dissatisfaction with receiving Arrgh's contract fees for its participation in the Silent War. They further claim that a current government member of UPN at the time of the raid was the main negotiator for the contract in question. The contract negotiated said for terms to be paid on the December 14th, 2017. By Arrgh's own admission they attacked because of growing dissent within the alliance, namely the splinter group alliance that had recently broken off, Don't Panic, due to self-imposed raiding restrictions by Arrgh.

A member of UPN's government verified that an agreement between Arrgh and UPN existed, and did not have to be paid off until December 14th. United Purple Nations claims the war was solely due to Arrgh being bored.


A day after the raid was launched UPN agreed to pay off the debts Arrgh claimed to be owed and purchased an additional 30 day protection contract. Due to this Arrgh agreed to cease declaring new raids and end existing ones via beige or peace. UPN's Consul sent the money for the protection contract on 27 November and paid off the disputed debts on December 7.


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