Dear Diomedes
Part of the Alliance Wars
Dear Diomedes.png
Date January 3, 2019 - January 8, 2019
Casus belli Diomedes' Bad Reputation
Result Partial OOF Bloc Victory;

Diomedes quits, CoS defeats Ragnarok

Preceded by
Camelot's Insurgence
Succeeded by
Camelot Empyrea War
Orbis Outcast Family

Ragnarok Flag.png
Animation Domination Flag.jpg
Animation Domination
The Hanseatic League Flag.jpeg
The Hanseatic League

The Order of Orange Nations Flag.png
The Order of Orange Nations Surrendered
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg
Church of Spaceology


Ragnarok Flag.png MinesomeMC
Ragnarok Flag.png Topeka
Ragnarok Flag.png Derpy Duck
Animation Domination Flag.jpg ElBarto666

The Order of Orange Nations Flag.png Diomedes
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg Maia
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg Steuart Geharon
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg Bhuto
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg Lord of Puns

Casualties and losses
~ $60 Million - Diomedes

~ $10 Million

Dear Diomedes was a war fought at the start of 2019 with Ragnarok and the OOF Bloc agianst The Order of Orange Nations. Later as a "defense" for diomedes Church of Spaceology would fight alongside TOON agianst Ragnarok.


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